As an advisory organ, ECOSOCC shall:

  • Contribute, through advise, to the effective translation of the objectives, principles and policies of the Union into concrete programmes, as well as the evaluation of these programmes;

  • Undertake studies that are recommended or deemed necessary by any other organ of the Union and submit recommendations accordingly;

  • Carry out other studies as it deems necessary and submit recommendations as appropriate;

  • Contribute to the promotion of popularization, popular participation, sharing of best practices and expertise, and to the realization of the vision and objectives of the Union;

  • Contribute to the promotion of human rights, the rule of law, good governance, democratic principles, gender equality and child rights;

  • Promote and support efforts of institutions engaged in review of the future of Africa and forge Pan-African values in order to enhance an African social model and way of life;

  • Foster and consolidate partnership between the Union and CSOs through effective public enlightment, mobilization and feedback on the activities of the Union;

  • Assume such other functions as may be referred to it by any other organ of the Union.