ECOSOCC's Strategic Plan 2023-2027

No : ECOSOCC's Strategic Plan 2023-2027
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The AU ECOSOCC 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is a forward-looking document aimed at aligning with the objectives of Agenda 2063 by enhancing effective engagement with the people of Africa. The development of this strategy was marked by a highly inclusive and participatory process, engaging various stakeholders including ECOSOCC’s structures, its secretariat, partners, and other relevant constituencies.

Significant involvement from civil society organizations (CSOs) and cluster committees ensured that a broad spectrum of views were gathered through detailed consultative meetings. These interactions allowed for the capture and integration of objective and independent perspectives into the strategic plan. The strategy is enriched with the collective inputs and insights from these stakeholders, ensuring that it not only reflects a wide range of interests and expectations but also fosters a sense of value, ownership, commitment, and sustainability among all parties involved.

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