The Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) is an advisory organ of the African Union (AU) whose purpose is to actively engage civil society in the processes and work of the AU. 

Executive Council Decision EX/CL/Dec. 869 (XXVI) of 23-27 January 2015 calls on ECOSOCC to facilitate the establishment of national ECOSOCC Chapters as a framework for accountability of elected members, as well as a conduit for disseminating information and mobilising support for AU programmes and activities, in close collaboration with Member States. 

Similarly, Decision EX/CL 890 (XXVII) of June 2015 calls upon ECOSOCC to collaborate with the African Commission and Member States to actively pursue a harmonized mechanism and clear criteria for the granting of AU consultative and observer status to CSOs in Africa.

In response to these decisions, the National Chapter Framework has been adopted. This adoption marks a significant step forward in strengthening the role of civil society within the AU's structures and enhancing the transparency and effectiveness of its engagements across the continent.