Annual Citizen’ Forum 2023 on Democracy and Digital Governance

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Policy Advisories
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The Outcome Document on ECOSOCC's Annual Citizens' Forum 2023, under the theme "Democracy and Digital Governance."

The forum, held 10-11 July 2023 in Nairobi Kenya, provided a platform to highlight relevant, coherent, effective, efficient, impactful, and sustainable ways for robust citizen engagement within the continental discourse on issues of democracy and digital governance.

The Forum was attended by Civil Society Organisations (CSO) stakeholders from all five regions of the continent working in relevant fields, including academia, media, youth groups, women’s groups, advocacy organizations, community-based organisations, non-governmental organizations including faith-based organizations, and regional CSO networks. Participation in the Forum also reflected other relevant interest groups including member states, regional economic communities, regional mechanisms on peace and security, AU organs, and international partner organizations.

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