The Migration Policy Framework for Africa (MPFA)

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African Union


Due to a multiplicity of factors that include poor socio-economic conditions, political instability, conflict and civil strife, migration has been on the rise on the African Continent, and for some communities migration has become a survival strategy. In recent years Africa has witnessed changing patterns of migration, a phenomenon that has become both dynamic and extremely complex. This is reflected in the feminization of migration; an increase in the number of youths on the move, and an upsurge in irregular migratory flows, which include human trafficking and migrant smuggling. Yet if managed in a coherent manner, nations and regions can reap the benefits of the linkages between migration and development as the Continent strives towards the ideals of Agenda 2063; and the Migration Policy Framework for Africa (2018 – 2030) is one the Continental frameworks that provide the Continent with a great opportunity to achieve this. The Migration Policy Framework for Africa (2018 – 2030) and its Plan of Action is a revision of the 2006 AU Migration Policy Framework (MPFA), which was adopted in Banjul, The Gambia in 2006.

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