Strengthening Civil Society Engagement and Building Stronger Communities: ECOSOCC continues awareness raising of National Chapters in Ghana and Tanzania


The African Union Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) has taken significant steps to empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by raising awareness of National ECOSOCC Chapters in Ghana and Tanzania, with the support of Expertise France. The ECOSOCC National Chapters aim to enhance engagement between CSOs and the African Union (AU) and bolster capacities in governance, democracy, and human rights.

In Accra, Ghana, a workshop was held to enhance local CSOs knowledge about the National Chapter Framework. The workshop underscored the significance of the Ghana CSOs in ensuring that the voices of the people and civil society are heard and incorporated into the AU's policies and programs.

In Tanzania, a similar awareness and popularization workshop was conducted targeting CSOs forming part of the Interim Tanzania ECOSOCC National Chapter. The workshop aligned with the Tanzanian Government's commitment to fostering engagement with CSOs and operationalizing the ECOSOCC National Chapter for Tanzania, a move seen as pivotal for a brighter Africa. ​​

These initiatives reflect ECOSOCC's mission, established in 2004, to provide a platform for CSOs to contribute to the work of the AU and actively participate in the AU's processes and endeavors. The introduction of National ECOSOCC Chapters aims to strengthen this collaboration and engagement across member states. ​​

These workshops target CSOs focusing on governance, democracy, and human rights. Their objectives include introducing participants to the new ECOSOCC National Chapter frameworks, deepening their understanding of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance (ACDEG), and facilitating engagement with AU Organs. This holistic approach seeks to maximize collaboration and strengthen the partnership between CSOs and the AU.

In summary, these ECOSOCC initiatives represent a collaborative effort among stakeholders to enhance CSO engagement with the AU. They aim to bring civil society voices to the forefront, fostering inclusivity, participatory governance, and collaborative development.