Meet ECOSOCC’s 4th Permanent General Assembly


ECOSOCC constituted, inaugurated and inducted its 4th Permanent General Assembly (PGA) 6-9th December, 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The PGA is the highest decision and policy making body of ECOSOCC composed of: Two CSOs from each African Union member State; Ten CSOs operating at regional level and eight at continental level.

The ECOSOCC General Assembly has a tenure of four years. (The 3rd Permanent General Assembly was constituted in December 2018.)

Principal Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abraham Sing’oei, on behalf of Dr. Alfred Mutua, Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, inaugurated the 4th PGA.

Established under the provisions of Articles 5 and 22 of the African Union’s Constitutive Act, ECOSOCC is the vehicle for building a strong partnership between governments and all segments of African civil society. The Statute of ECOSOCC, adopted by the Heads of State and Government at the Third Ordinary Session of the Assembly in July 2004 defines it as an advisory organ of the African Union composed of different social and professional groups of the Member States of the African Union [Assembly/AU/Dec.42 (III)].

The new elected members of the GA elected a bureau comprising the Presiding Officer, Deputy Presiding Officers and chairs of sectoral cluster Committees as follows:

Presiding Officer: Mr. Khalid Boudali (Northern Africa) taking over from Mr. Denise Khode.

Deputy Presiding Officers:

-Ms. Brenda Brewer Moore (Western Africa);

-Mr. Joseph Chongsi Ayeah (Central Africa);

-Mr. Mahendranath Busgopaul (Eastern Africa);

-Mr. Robert Mbilizi Phiri (Southern Africa).

The 4th PGA elected its Standing Committee composed of the Presiding Officer and other members of the Bureau and chairpersons of the 10 Sectoral Cluster Committees.

The term of office for the Standing Committee members is 2 years. The functions of the Standing Committee are to coordinate ECOSOCC’s work, prepare its General Assembly meetings, follow up implementation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and prepare and submit the ECOSOCC annual report to the AU Assembly.

Chairpersons of Sectoral Cluster Committees of the 4th Permanent General Assembly:

-Dr. Jonathan Patrick Jasper Sandy (Peace and Security);

-Mr. Louis Cheick Sissoko (Political Affairs);

-Ms. Kundai Ngwena (Infrastructure and Energy);

-Ms. Floride Ndakoraniwe (Social Affairs and Health);

-Mr. Mahamat Haroun Adoum (Human Resources, Science and Technology (HRST);

-Ms. Ralaizanadraoto EP Rasolofonirina Mampita Michelle (Trade and Industry);

-Mr. Nigussu Legesse (Rural Economy and Agriculture);

-Mr. Boniface Cheembe (Economic Affairs);

-Mr. Chiter Abdelouhab (Women and Gender);

-Mr. Ayman Saber Taha Mostafa Okeil (Cross-cutting Programmes).

The 4th PGA also elected the Credentials Committee, composed of one CSO representative from each of the five regions; one CSO representative from the African Diaspora; one nominated representative for special interest groups, such as vulnerable groups, the aged, physically challenged and people living with HIV/AIDS; and two AUC representatives.

The Committee’s role is to be responsible for examining the credentials of ECOSOCC members and their representatives. Its Rules of Procedure are adopted by the General Assembly.

Members of the Credentials Committee of ECOSOCC’s 4th Permanent General Assembly:

-Mr. Lebogang Kenneth Mabotho (Chairperson) (Southern Africa);

-Mr. Musaada Balagizi Moise (Central Africa);

-Mr. Tom Mulisa (East Africa);

-Mr. Mohamed Abdallahi Jed Oumou (North Africa);

-Ms. Assiatou Diallo (West Africa);

-Mr. Abdul-Rahman Edward Koroma (Special Interest Group) (West Africa).

The distinctive character of ECOSOCC is that it gives an opportunity for African civil society to play an active role in charting the future of the Continent, organizing itself in partnership with African governments to contribute to the principles, policies and programmes of the Union.