ECOSOCC's Game-Changing Initiative: Collaborating with Africa Union Peace and Security Council Secretariat to Build a CSO Database for Enhanced Security


The African Union (AU) Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) held consultations with the AU’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) Secretariat from September 7-8th, on the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Database on the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and to develop an implementation matrix.

The meeting symbolized significant progress in empowering CSOs to exert a more influential role in shaping the trajectory of Africa's future and integrating their expertise into the operational machinery of the PSC.

The consultations yielded favourable results, which included a pre-validated CSO Database and a continental online platform and fostering a cohesive collaborative relationship between ECOSOCC and the PSC Secretariat. During the meeting, the recently developed CSO database of CSOs operating in the peace and security sector underwent technical assessment and received feedback from the PSC Secretariat, followed by the delineation of subsequent implementation steps.

Furthermore, through extensive deliberations, the meeting resulted in a detailed implementation matrix and meeting schedule for the coming year, with both the PSC and ECOSOCC committed to ensuring its effective execution.

The engagement matrix, built upon the identification of seven collaboration areas, will lead to more informed decision-making within the PSC in future interactions. As such, this will bolster the impact and effectiveness of CSO insights in shaping PSC decisions and policy considerations.

The consultation had active participation from key stakeholders, including the ECOSOCC Peace and Security Cluster and Political Affairs Cluster Chairs, greatly enhancing the quality of discussions and outcomes. Given the complex nature of emerging security issues in Africa, including Unconstitutional Changes of Government (UCG), their involvement was crucial.

The meeting represented significant milestones in Africa's continued journey toward achieving peace, security, and inclusive governance. It underscored the continent's commitment to harnessing the influence of Civil Society Organizations to sculpt a brighter future for all Africans and highlight the pivotal role played by the CSO database in facilitating improved coordination and communication among CSOs, the AU, and APSA stakeholders, thereby offering tangible support to peace and security efforts in Africa.